Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Art from the City at Sotheby's

13 March 2009
Anshika Ajmera

Jaipur's own Sohan Jakhar's works will be auctioned at Sothebys. Anshika Ajmera met the artist for a chat.

Hues from around the world have often splashed the canvas of the Pink City all these years. Jaipur has seen its fair share of artworks from India and abroad. But the colours are flowing the other way this time!

Sohan Jakhar, a Jaipur-based artist has taken his work to one of the world's premier auction house-Sotheby's, New York for the Indian and South East Asia Art Auction. Colours are flying international not just for Jakhar but for the city too!

When we had a look at his paintings, it had us bewildered for a moment. On one hand was the background of the frescos and the wall paintings of the open art gallery-the Shekhawati havelis, while the foreground told a different tale of street vendors in Jaipur, Sikar and Mumbai. And what was striking was the presentation of a simple life in sync with traditional art.

"I was born in Sikar and these havelis are what I draw my inspiration from," explains Jakhar. He further adds, "Though there are traditional colours used in the haveli, I have used the contemporary colours of pope art. It's a contemporary world and so should be the colours."
What's more-his work is being auctioned on the same platform with the maestro of the art world-MF Hussain."

"It feels great to share the same platform. Right now I am overwhelmed and it's tough to express my feelings in words," says Jakhar.

So what is he expecting out of the auction? "My expectations are positive. I am optimistic. Though it's recession time, I am hoping for the best," he says. And what are your future plans? "Right now the theme is Street Vendors in Acrylic. Next will be sculptures on the same theme," says Jakhar.

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